Young voice co-opted on to Rasen council

When Market Rasen Town Council holds its first meeting of 2022, there will be a new face at the table.
Freddie EastersFreddie Easters
Freddie Easters

Freddie Easters was co-opted on to the council at the December meeting and at just 18 years of age has become its youngest councillor.

Having only moved to the town in April, the college student says he is keen to get involved with the local community and saw the council as an ideal way to do that.

He said: “I have always enjoyed being active within my local community wherever I have lived.

“I have previously been a Young Leader for a Scout group in Grimsby and I have also been a member of the sea cadets.

“I decided that I would like to go further to help the community I live in and realised by becoming a councillor I could directly affect local policies that impact the community.”

Freddie also hopes his actions will inspire others to get involved.

He said: “I believe I can more accurately represent the young voice of Market Rasen and hope that my becoming a councillor will encourage more young people to get involved with local politics, as ultimately it is the younger generations that feel the largest impact from decisions made in the town council.”

The big talking point at the moment is the future of the market place.

Freddie said: “I believe we need to do all we can to protect the market place as the heart of the town and the local businesses that reside there.

“Looking to the future, within the next decade it would be great to see more community areas like the leisure centre being built for the residents to enjoy and to increase visitors to the town.”

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