YouTuber The Village Idiot in West Lindsey as part of his tour of English parishes

A YouTuber known as ‘The Village Idiot’ has set himself a challenge of visiting every civil parish in England and his latest stop is West Lindsey.

Andy's latest video was shot in Hemswell as he aims to visit every civil parish in England
Andy's latest video was shot in Hemswell as he aims to visit every civil parish in England

Andy Smith, 37, was born in Saxilby, and has been busy filming up and down the country for his You Tube channel, The Village Idiot.

Andy, who now lives in Rotherham, said: “So the idea is to visit every civil parish in England.

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"These are the lowest subdivisions of local government in England, and there are 10,449 of them in total.

“They range in size, but a good 90 per cent of them are rural, they're small chunks of rural England that mostly contain just one or maybe two villages, or maybe a hamlet or two.

"There's some that are towns which are larger, and there are even ones that have no population at all.

"The variation is quite something, and that's what I find so interesting.

“No two parishes are entirely the same, so I'm wanting to put them all on the map and show everybody what this country is like when you get out of the big cities, what life is truly like in rural England, because I don't think village life is talked about enough.

“I grew up in a village myself.

"I live in Rotherham now, and that was a big difference for me, moving into somewhere urban. The way of life is so different.

“I film every week, usually three days. I aim to film at least seven parishes in a week, because I put out one video per day on the Youtube channel.

"Basically I keep it like that because I don't want to bombard people with say, ten at once.

“I've certainly gained a following, it's amazing how many people have bought into the idea of me visiting every place this country has to offer.

"I've been pleasantly surprised by some of the people that have found me after I took a week off work to go and do this in Thanet, which is in Kent, and how they've stuck around and watched some of my Yorkshire based stuff.

"It's great to know people are interested.

“It'll probably take me about 30 years to complete it, but I don't mind.

"I love the countryside, and I love exploring, and if it takes me that long, so be it.”

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