Zebra crossing plan for Ruskington

Lincolnshire County Council has given notice that it is proposing to establish a Zebra crossing in Rectory Road, Ruskington, in the vicinity of Greenfinch Close.


The feature is designed to serve Winchelsea Primary School. Calls have been made for such an addition for some time, with MP Dr caroline Johnson getting involved.

A copy of the plan showing the lengths of road concerned can be inspected at www.licolnshire.gov.uk/trafficorders

Anyone who is unable to view the website can be supplied with the document by contacting the council using the contact details below or by calling the Customer Service Centre on 01522 782070 during office hours. Representations to the proposals must be made in writing to chief executive – Lincolnshire County Council, Lancaster House, 36 Orchard Street, Lincoln, LN1 1XX, or email on [email protected] (for the attention of Mr J. Earls, Traffic Orders Section) by June 23.