Piers Morgan grills Victoria Atkins on Brexit, Prince Philip and cannabis

Louth and Horncastle’s MP, Victoria Atkins, appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain this morning (Monday), where she was grilled by co-presenter Piers Morgan over her views on Brexit, cannabis legislation, and Prince Philip’s recent incidents on the road.
Co-hosts, Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, on Good Morning Britain.Co-hosts, Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, on Good Morning Britain.
Co-hosts, Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, on Good Morning Britain.

Ms Atkins, who is Minister for Women, began the interview with a discussion about new measures proposed to support domestic abuse victims and their families.

However, Piers Morgan then turned the conversation to Brexit and began grilling Ms Atkins - who campaigned for ‘Remain’ before the referendum in 2016, but has since joined Theresa May’s government which is pursuing a withdrawal from the European Union.

Mr Morgan questioned Ms Atkins about whether she ‘believes in’ Brexit, and whether she thinks it will deliver more jobs, lower prices and better security for the country - which, prior to the referendum, Ms Atkins’ website had said was true of Britain’s existing membership of the EU.

Theresa May and Victoria AtkinsTheresa May and Victoria Atkins
Theresa May and Victoria Atkins

Mr Morgan asked: “Are you a Remainer, or are you a Brexiteer, or are you just blowing in the wind depending on what next job you can get out of Theresa May, for being loyal to a plan nobody agrees with?”

Ms Atkins responded: “I voted Remain at the referendum, I’ve never shied away from that.

“But I have also stood on an election pledge, alongside all my colleagues, that we would honour the result of the referendum.

“The reason why I voted for the agreement was because I thought that provided us with the best chance of delivering this orderly Brexit.”

Ms Atkins added: “I was on the losing side of the argument [in the referendum], I’ve accepted that, and I’ve said I will honour the result.

“We’ve now got to make a success of it. That’s been absolutely our intention all along.”

Ms Atkins added that Prime Minister Theresa May will be setting out her next steps in a statement this afternoon.

Mr Morgan and co-presenter, Susanna Reid, went on to question Ms Atkins about whether the law of the land applies equally to everyone, with reference to two recent incidents on the roads involving Prince Philip. Ms Atkins said the law should indeed apply equally to everyone but, as a minister, she was not allowed to give a response regarding these individual cases.

Mr Morgan finished the interview by asking Ms Atkins for her views on legalising cannabis in this country, which she firmly said she was against.

When asked about her husband’s business, British Sugar - which is licensed to grow medicinal cannabis - Ms Atkins said: “That is a very different type of cannabis, it’s medicinal cannabis Piers, which I’m sure you know. It doesn’t have psychoactive effects.

“It’s the ingredient for a couple of epilepsy drugs to help children who are severely ill with epilepsy.

“It’s very different from the substances that are sold on the streets that we are all so concerned about.”

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The interview with Ms Atkins begins approximately one hour and 18 minutes into the programme.