Pin Gin to move out of Louth... but not too far!

Pin Gin owners Alan Bottomley and Amy ConyardPin Gin owners Alan Bottomley and Amy Conyard
Pin Gin owners Alan Bottomley and Amy Conyard
The creators of Pin Gin are set to expand their business after East Lindsey planners granted permission for a brand new distillery to be built at Driby, on the South Ormsby Estate.

The plans were submitted on behalf of Mr and Mrs Thornes, custodians of the South Ormsby Estate, to allow the erection of a ‘micro-distillery’ on land adjacent to Foreman’s Cottage in Driby Lane, to be used by ‘an established Lincolnshire gin producer’, specifically Bottomleys Distillers, owned by Alan Bottomley and Amy Conyard.

The agent, Guy Maxfield, said that Driby needed ‘young enterprising families’, such as Alan and Amy, in order to add to the ‘vitality and social diversity’ of the area.

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He added that the area is ‘already providing an environment in which it [the distillery] can thrive’, as the Estate would - for example - support farmers to produce wheat for the alcohol.

The plans were proposed by Coun Helen Matthews, seconded by Coun Sid Dennis, and was supported by 11 votes to nil, with one abstention.

After the planning meeting, Amy Conyard told the Leader: “We will be moving our family to the house, and the new distillery will be the sole location for our business.

“We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the planning meeting and the opportunity that it has presented for our business and family alike.

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“We appreciate that the plans had been met with protest from the local residents when proposed, but we will endeavour to keep with the spirit of the hamlet, meet everyone and hopefully be able to change the opinion that has been formed of our business and family.

“As a young family with a new business, we have been met with support from all over Lincolnshire with our venture so far. We want to be able to be a part of the Driby community and the exciting future of the South Ormsby Estate.”