Plan to cut joint council meetings

Plans have been put forward to reduce the number of joint meetings of parish, town and district councillors in East Lindsey.
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Currently seven Area Committee meetings take place four times a year across the district. New proposals would see a move to three Area Forums meeting twice each a year with a focus on discussing significant and important issues facing the area.

Town and parish councils are being asked for thier views on the plan developed by East Lindsey district councillors following a number of reviews over recent years.

The most recent in late 2014 requested that, post the May election, the council should urgently review existing arrangements and look at opportunities to make improvements.

Portfolio Holder for partnerships Coun Graham Marsh said: “Over the years this council has looked long and hard at the current arrangements for Area Committees and we’re keen to introduce some changes that make the meetings more productive for the residents of East Lindsey in terms of what they achieve.

“We recognise that it’s important for town, district and county Councillors to come together on a regular basis and the proposed arrangements continue to support that. We also want all councils to contribute to the agenda, especially those ‘wicked issues’ they have not been able to solve alone, where a collective voice has greater strength.

He added: “When Area Committees were first introduced in the early 2000s, there were limited opportunities for councillors from different councils to engage with each other. However, over the years, as the opportunities have increased, it provides us with the ability to rethink how we approach some of what we do. We believe the changes we are proposing would make a real and positive difference to communities. The Area Forums would be able to focus on, understand and consider the big issues the district faces and influence its direction.”

Counc Marsh will be writing to town and parish councils shortly to request their views on the proposal before bringing a report back to council in December.