Plans for 60 new homes in Louth have now been withdrawn

A controversial proposal for dozens of new homes in Eastfield Road have been withdrawn by the developer.

The application for 60 new homes (in red) has now been withdrawn.

The street could have been in line to face the additional 60 homes if they had been approved - alongside the 46 homes that are already being constructed on adjacent land after being approved on appeal back in August 2016.

The outline application had been submitted by Dieter Nelson Planning Consultancy in January, but on February 20, it was revealed that the plans had been withdrawn.

However, it is not yet known whether the developers plan to re-submit alternative plans for more homes on the site - as some local residents have feared - or whether that will be the end of the matter.

In Dieter Nelson’s planning statement, the now-withdrawn proposal was referred to as a ‘natural Phase Two development’, which is contained within the existing site boundaries and does not encroach into the countryside beyond’.

The planning statement also noted that the overall site, (including the 46 approved homes which are under construction), was earmarked for development in ELDC’s emerging Local Plan, which is currently out to consultation.

It had been expected that the applicant would provide Section 106 funding relating to affordable housing provision and education contributions.

The withdrawn plans had been met with objections, with residents citing concerns including over-development, drainage, infrastructure, and the impact on wildlife.

• Dieter Nelson Planning Consultancy had not responded to the Leader’s request for comment at the time of going to press.