Plans for 70 homes in Horncastle are given the go-ahead

A 70 home development in Horncastle has been given the go-ahead by planners at East Lindsey District Council - despite the plans receiving strong objections from local residents.

The plans, from Brackenbury Trust, will see 25 houses, 17 bungalows, 10 pairs of semi-detached houses and two blocks of four flats built on land west of Brackenbury Close.

Approving the plans, ELDC officers praised the applicants for a ‘positive and proactive manner to seek solutions to issues’

The plans are a departure from one originally approved by the authority, which would have seen 75 homes built.

However, the applicant said reducing the number improved the scale and extent of the development and respected existing houses.

The applicant Mr Peter Harness said: “While creating an individual identity for its residents, the development respects the character of the surrounding area its built form and rural location, working with the site and its context.

“The development will have its own sense of place defined by the architectural detailing and visual form of the houses.”

Several residents wrote to ELDC objecting to the plans - with many claiming that the town will not be able to cope.

One said: “We appreciate that new housing is important for the area, however, we have concerns about the ability of the local infrastructure to successfully cope with the speed and level of the population increase, especially relating to health, dental, education and police services.”

Another said: “If the proposed access points go ahead this will obviously mean more traffic using Brackenbury Close to access the site.

“This in turn will create a very real danger for pedestrians in Brackenbury Close.”