Plans for a new development with cinema and restaurants in Gainsborough

As part of the plans to transform Gainsborough a new development with a cinema and restaurants could be coming to the town.

West Lindsey District Council has announced a new partnership with Muse Developments and the initial phase of the development will focus on the town centre and will seek to develop a cinema with restaurant outlets to create a vibrant new destination, creating a new public square and more than 200 jobs will be created.

Coun Jeff Summers, leader of West Lindsey District Council, said: “This will lead to the total transformation of Gainsborough over the next five years to rebalance the town’s economy. Combined with a range of other initiatives through out the town we hope to breath new life into both day and night time economy. Creating an atmosphere every one seeks to enjoy.

“This long term strategy to create a sustainable place, will refocus the minds of local business people and visitors alike creating a vibrancy we should all aspire to. After all this is our town and we all need to strive in creating something to be proud off. I am delighted we are seeing the fruits of our labour.”

Eve Fawcett-Moralee, Executive Director of Economic and Commercial Growth, said: “Continuing the regeneration Gainsborough town centre with a new leisure and evening economy uses will drive the renaissance of the historic retail core around the Market Place and river front.

“A quality town centre and public realm is key to the wider delivery of the town’s planned 4,350 new homes. This, clearly signals we are in delivery mode”.

A second phase of projects are under review and will be announced later this year aimed to further regenerate the riverside area, brownfield land and sustainable urban extensions.

Coun Colin Davie, Executive Member for Economy and Place at Lincolnshire County Council said he hoped the benefits would be felt across wider Central Lincolnshire.

He said: “There are ambitious plans for the future of the town and this is an important step towards making them a reality.

“This partnership promises to greatly improve Gainsborough’s evening and leisure-based economies, and I hope those benefits will also be felt across the wider Central Lincolnshire area.”