Plans in Little Cawthorpe get the go-ahead from District Council

East Lindsey District Council's planning committee last week approved a storage building - along with a garage and an office - in Pinfold Lane, Little Cawthorpe.


The buildings have already been erected and are in use, but the application came back to the committee for discussion over issues regarding size and scale.

Residents were unhappy with the fact the storage building is taller than the tree line in the area and believe it is not ‘ in character’ with the village location.

The commitee was told there were also doubts about whether the buildings were for business or personal use.

ELDC planning officer Chris Panton confirmed to commitee members that the authority had sought legal advice about the use of the buildings .

He said ELDC was aware the applicant, Mr Toynton, ran his own business but they were assured the buildings were for personal use only.

Seven councillors voted in favour of the application, and three were against.

There were three abstensions - meaning the application was approved.