Pledge 4 Plastics campaign visits Epworth

North Lincolnshire Council is getting behind the National Plastics Promotion campaign ‘Pledge 4 Plastics’ to try and increase the amount of plastic packaging which is recycled.

The campaign is being led by plastics recycling body Recoup, who aim to make the public more aware of house collection services which will hopefully increase the amount of plastic recycled.

There will be a display trailer at Epworth Market Place on Tuesday, September 9, which will promote the campaign.

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There will be a range of information available which aim to widen people’s knowledge on recycling and the different systems available.

The campaign will help the council promote its new recycling initiatives, where from 29 September; residents can recycle items such as juice cartons and bottle tops, previously not allowed in burgundy bins.

Councillor Nigel Sherwood, cabinet member for Highways and Neighbourhoods, said: “This campaign will be a great opportunity for the people of North Lincolnshire to learn about the different recycling options available.

“Besides making people more aware, the campaign will also help the region increase the amount of plastic which is recycled, therefore helping North Lincolnshire to become a more efficient area and reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

“This is a package of improvements we introducing that also include refurbishing all of our household recycling centres and introducing house clearance permits.

“By making it easier for people to recycle, we hope that more people will take part.”

For more information regarding the campaign, visit