Police and council urge residents log your valuables for free

North Lincolnshire Council’s Safer Neighbourhoods team is working with Humberside Police again to encourage people to register their valuables on the Immobilise website for free.
Councillor Carl Sherwood.Councillor Carl Sherwood.
Councillor Carl Sherwood.

They are holding some drop-in sessions at North Lincolnshire Central Library, Scunthorpe on Monday December 8 from 10am to 4pm and at Sainsbury’s supermarket, Scunthorpe on Tuesday December 9 from 10am to 4pm.

These sessions aim to raise awareness of the Immobilise website, explain what it does and how it can help you get back your lost or stolen items.

Keep check of your valuables by registering them on the Immobilise website: www.humberside.police.uk/immobilise.

Immobilise is the free national property database that allows you to be reunited with your belongings if they are ever lost or stolen.

If any of your items that have been registered get lost or stolen you can update the status of the item on the website. This will then enable the Police to identify owners of recovered lost or stolen property.

Items that you can register range from jewellery and mobile phones to bikes and laptops.

Almost any item can be registered with Immobilise in minutes. You can quickly and easily record serial numbers, add photographs or list individual features.

Thieves can be more easily identified if they steal registered goods. Also if you mark the belongings up with the labels then potential thieves may not want to take them in the first place.

If your item is stolen inform the police and then visit: www.humberside.police.uk/immobilise to update your items status. If your property is recovered by the police, it can be traced back to you.

The police also regularly check second-hand dealers and car boot sales to find out if any items on sale have been registered and reported stolen. As a result items can be returned and thieves and criminal dealers prosecuted.

Pop along to the sessions and find out more about the Immobilise website and how it can make a big difference to the chances of your belongings being returned if they are lost or stolen.

Councillor Carl Sherwood, cabinet member for customer services, sport and leisure, said: “We have been working closely with Humber Police to encourage people to take more responsibility for their valuables and register them on the Immobilise website.

“It can be an upsetting time if you lose or have any of your belongings stolen, but by registering your valuables on the website you have more of a chance of them being returned. If you haven’t done already, register your belongings and be one step ahead.

“If you would like to find out more about the Immobilise website and its benefits go along to one of the sessions. Safer Neighbourhoods and Humberside Police will be on-hand to answer any questions you may have about the website.”