Police ask pupils to help keep Horncastle safe this Halloween

Police in Horncastle have stepped up their efforts to ensure Halloween and Bonfire Night are another trouble-free experience for residents.

PCSO Nigel Wass with Banovallum School headteacher Grant Edgar
PCSO Nigel Wass with Banovallum School headteacher Grant Edgar

The town’s Neighbourhood Policing team is visiting schools in the area and speaking at assemblies with a message to youngsters to enjoy Halloween and Bonfire Night but to ‘stay safe and respect others’.

PSCO Nigel Wass spoke at Banovallum School last Thursday and praised youngsters for their behaviour in recent years.

PSCO Wass told them: I’m delighted to say both Halloween and Bonfire Night have been relatively trouble free in Horncastle for the last two or three years, and hopefully that will continue.

“You have played a big part in that and you are a credit to yourselves, your school and your community.

“We’re not saying don’t enjoy yourselves, but respect others and remember not everyone welcomes trick or treaters knocking on their door.

“Elderly people in particular, can feel vulnerable at this time of year.”

Police have again produced a poster which is available for people to put in their window to deter trick or treaters.

PSCO Wass said: “I would ask you to remember what effect you could have knocking on the door of someone who feels vulnerable.

“It’s not funny and it’s not clever.

“Please, respect these people and behave in the same way you would if they were your own relative.”

PSCO Wass went on to remind pupils it is illegal for anyone under the age of 16 to possess a firework in public.

He also appealed to youngsters not to throw fireworks.

He told them he had to take the victim of an accident to hospital recently - because there were no ambulances available.

He added the victim received treatment, but only after a six hour wait.

PCSO Wass said: “Remember, if you injure yourself with a firework, you could be in pain for a long time before you get treatment.

“The best way is to follow the instructions on the firework and don’t do anything daft.”

Headteacher Grant Edgar echoed PSCO Wass’ comments and said he was confident pupils would continue their high standard of behaviour in the community.

Speaking after the assembly, PSCO Wass said Halloween and Bonfire Night were traditionally two of the busiest times of the year for police and other emergency services.

However, he said reported incidents in Horncastle were ‘few and far between.’

He added anyone taking part in Halloween should be accompanied by an adult while the safest way to celebrate November 5 was at an organised bonfire.