Police Commissioner to determine outcome of Lincolnshire Police chief constable Neil Rhodes’ suspension

Lincolnshire Police’s suspended chief constable Neil Rhodes will be not investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission and an outcome will now be determined by Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick.
Neil Rhodes.Neil Rhodes.
Neil Rhodes.

Mr Rhodes was suspended from his role on February 26 by Alan Hardwick over ‘potential conduct matters’ and the IPCC have been looking at the case in ‘detail’.

They have ruled that the matter does require investigation but ‘does not amount to serious corruption or misconduct which would merit an IPCC investigation’.

A statement from the IPCC today read: “The IPCC has now completed a detailed assessment of the referral of a potential conduct matter concerning the force’s temporary Chief Constable, Neil Rhodes.

“The outcome of the IPCC assessment is that we are satisfied the matter requires investigation but does not amount to serious corruption or misconduct which would merit an IPCC investigation.

“The decision to return this matter for local investigation has been communicated to the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner. It will now be for him to determine the way forward.

“The IPCC has advised that if further concerns come to light in the course of the investigation the matter should be re-referred to us.”

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire, Alan Hardwick said: “I welcome the determination made by the IPCC.

“The decision made by the IPCC not to carry out their own investigation is understandable and in line with previous determinations they have made on chief officer conduct matters.

“I will be conducting my own independent and rigorous local investigation into the potential conduct matters that were raised.”

More information will follow as we get it.