Police launch #GetConsent campaign with cartoon boiling down issue to tea

Lincolnshire Police have launched a new Consent Campaign highlighting the importance of consent over Christmas and New Year with a cartoon boiling the concept down to a '˜cup of tea'.
Lincolnshire PoliceLincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police

The simple cartoon, created by Emmeline May, rockstardinosaurpirateprincess.com and Rachel Brian blueseatstudios.com, draws an analogy between consenting to a cuppa and consenting to sex.

The force says it is trying to highlight ‘ludicrous misconceptions’ and promote a ‘simple message that sexual consent relies on the person having freedom and capacity to agree to sexual activity’.

Deputy Chief Constable Craig Naylor said, “What is, and is not consent may seem obvious to many of us but the awful truth is that rape is reported to us every week. We are committed to looking after survivors of sexual violence, investigating crimes to a high standard and educating those who could otherwise become perpetrators. Clear explanations of what is acceptable are unfortunately still necessary.

“We need to do all we can to make the message clear that sex without consent is rape.

“This campaign targets potential perpetrators with the message that when it comes to consent, you need to be 100 per cent sure. The consequences of getting this wrong are devastating.”

The campaign is working in partnership with Rape Crisis, Trust House, Victim Support, Spring Lodge and the University of Lincoln, and it is supported by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

It is also working with the County Council Sexual Violence and Abuse Partnership, and as part of the wider #NoMore campaign, we aim to engage on the importance of being 100% clear on sexual consent.

Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones said, “Consent really is a simple concept and yet misconceptions and myths sadly still exist in some minds. I fully support Lincolnshire Police in this campaign to educate those people who still don’t get it. You need to be clear on consent; there is no place for ambiguity, presumption or pressure.”

Police have said there are some simple messages they are trying to present:

· Consent cannot be implied, assumed or ambiguous

· Consent is not the absence of objection; someone does not have to say “no”

· Consent for one thing does not imply consent for anything else

· Consent one day does not mean consent for another day

· Being married or in a relationship does not mean automatic consent

· Consent is not implied by clothing, attitude or behaviour

· Consent can be withdrawn at any time

· Someone drunk or on drugs may not have capacity to consent

· Someone who is unconscious cannot consent

· Consent given after being bullied, pestered, intimidated or threatened is not consent

The #GetConsent campaign will also be using social media to promote the campaign.

As part if the campaign officers will be using a big screen in the city and town centres to play the tea and consent video and to promote the Ask for Angela initiative. Screenings are currently planned for Lincoln, Boston and Skegness.

They will be targeting users of the night time economy via pubs, clubs and taxi firms highlighting the potential impact of alcohol on the clarity of consent.

They will also will be promoting the help available to anyone affected by publicising the following information on the support available:

For more information or if you have been affected, visit https://www.lincs.police.uk/news-campaigns/news/2017/do-you-get-consent/