Police officers test negative in drink and drugs screening

An anti-corruption unit has drug tested the county's police officers to demonstrate they operate to the highest standards.

Lincolnshire Police officers have tested negative for drugs. ANL-170812-073802001

Random tests on 17 Lincolnshire Police officers by the Anti-Corruption Unit have come back negative.

Supt Steve Taylor, head of Professional Standards. said: “In line with our force policy of providing a safe, healthy and productive working environment, the Anti–Corruption Unit has recently randomly tested 17 officers for both drugs and alcohol.

“The Anti-Corruption Unit are pleased to report that all the tests came back with a negative result.

“We would like to thank those officers involved for their patience and cooperation whilst attending the tests.

“This demonstrates that we expect the highest standards from our officers and that we are committed to enhancing public trust and confidence in the Police and the service we provide.

“The public rightly expects Lincolnshire Police to be a drug and alcohol free organisation, and as such these tests will continue throughout next year.”