Police pledge over Horncastle park bullies

Horncastle Police have pledged to track down youths who were involved in allegations of bullying in a local park.
Pond at Bain Valley Park.Pond at Bain Valley Park.
Pond at Bain Valley Park.

It has emerged two children - aged eight and nine - were goaded by teenagers to jump into a pond at Bain Valley Park.

The pond is not protected by fencing and has a notice on display, warning of the dangers of deep water.

Details of the incident first appeared on a community Facebook page in Horncastle.

A parent of one of the children involved posted a message saying their son and a young friend were initially approached by teenagers who called them names, laughed at them, and then took their bikes and rode off.

They threw the bikes into a bush and ‘laughed and jeered’ as the eight and nine-year-old struggled to find them.

The post added: “If that wasn’t enough, they goaded both little boys to jump into the pond for money.”

The parent went on to reveal the two younger children were offered five pounds to jump into the pond.

The parent added: “I’m proud to say the my son didn’t do this as he can’t even swim 10 metres, let alone get himself out of a deep pond fully clothed.

“He told me he told the lads to leave them alone and they wouldn’t.

“They threw a can at my child which hit his bike.”

The parent confirmed that the incident was reported to police. In the Facebook post, the parent said officers didn’t have the resources to send anyone immediately but would ‘keep an eye open.’

Sergeant Jacky Barnsley, from Horncastle Police, stressed a PSCO was on the scene ‘within minutes’.

She said the PCSO had conducted a search of the park but added there was ‘no trace’ of the offenders.

She added officers had visited local schools to warn about the consequences of bullying.

Sgt Barnsley confirmed officers had stepped up patrols in the park and appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

Bain Valley Park has previously been at the centre of complaints about anti-social behaviour.

However, Sgt Barnsley stressed the only recent incidents police were aware of were allegations of people fishing in a private section of another pond at the park.

• The Facebook post included a description of the teenagers involved, saying they were male and one was possibly ginger haired.

They were wearing black or grey tracksuit tops and some were wearing hooded tops.

One teenager had a t-shirt with leaves/Hawaiian patterns on the sleeves.

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