Police to tackle festive drinking issues

Police in South Yorkshire will be working with key licensed premises on the run up to Christmas and New Year in order to reduce antisocial behaviour and tackle underage drinking.

A team of dedicated officers will be contacting all licensed premises and visiting key public houses, to discuss individual licensee arrangements to challenge suspected under-age drinkers and discuss how they can assist to minimise disruption to local residents and businesses during the busy festive period.

Superintendent Peter Norman of South Yorkshire Police said: “By working with licensee’s we aim to maintain the excellent working relationships we have with licensed premises across South Yorkshire, and ensure that together, we keep crime and antisocial behaviour to a minimum over their busiest period, as well as enforcing the appropriate standards within premises.”

“Each pub, bar or club has different concerns, issues and needs: therefore by working and advising them on a one-to-one basis, problems can often be overcome very quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction.”

“This personal and professional approach ensures that key licensed premises around South Yorkshire are well prepared for the festive period. It also provides the police with an opportunity to check standards, legal requirements and put measures in place in conjunction with landlords and local residents to minimise any antisocial behaviour from happening in or around their premises. If licensee’s fail to comply or assist, this can subsequently have an affect on their license and they could lose their livelihood.”

Police will be looking at areas such as management, staff, capacity, crime prevention, health and safety, security and any evidence of elicit drugs.

Police enforcement throughout December is supported by a media campaign called Start thinking reduce your drinking which focuses on a range of messages including drink driving, safe socialising, anti-social drinking and domestic violence. For details of the campaign visit www.facebook.com/shakenandslurred.