Police warn pedestrians and cyclists to stay safe

Pedestrians and cyclist are being urged to stay safe whilst out in the dark, by Humberside Police.

As the clocks go back on Sunday morning marking the end of British Summer Time it means evenings are getting darker earlier.

Humberside Police this week gave a timely reminder for residents to take extra care when cycling or walking during dark mornings and evenings.

The warning comes after reports in previous years of walkers, runners and cyclists being spotted in rural areas wearing dark clothing and becoming practically invisible to motorists using the roads.

To help prevent potential tragedy members of the public are asked to consider wearing high visibility and reflective clothing. There are various products available to keep walkers and runners safe from reflective high visibility jackets, to lights and reflective wrist bands.

Cyclists are also urged to ensure they use their cycle lights at all times and check they are fully operational.

PC Barry Gardner, Casualty Reduction Officer for Humberside Police said: “When walking or cycling on the road, especially in the dark, it is essential that cyclists and walkers give motorists the best possible chance of seeing them.

“This can be done by ensuring they wear light or bright clothing, preferably high visibility clothing.

“Cyclists should always ensure they follow the Highway Code and ensure their lights are in full working order.

“Whilst pedestrians, which include runners, should travel on the side of the road towards oncoming traffic so they can move closer to the side as required.”