Police warning to parents over Minecraft privacy settings

Police are warning parents to make sure that children stay safe if they play popular computer game Minecraft.

Warning over Minecraft security. PHOTO: Credit SWNS 1630234

Minecraft is popular among children as young as eight and often played during the school holidays.

Now one UK police force has issued warnings to parents to be aware about setting up privacy settings.

The warning follows a case in February 2014 when 14-year-old Breck Bednar was murdered in Surrey after he was befriended online by 18-year-old Lewis Daynes.

After the teenagers had begun a friendship through online games - specifically Minecraft - Breck was violently killed by Lewis in a “sexually or sadistically motivated” attack.

In the UK, if children under the age of 13 play Minecraft, it is a violation of the site’s terms and conditions but it is not illegal.

It is also possible for children to join chats on Minecraft, not knowing the true identity of the people they are making friends with.

The warning asks parents to be aware of who they are talking to and monitor who they talk to.

Via their Twitter account, police in Devon urged parents to read the following guidance on child safety on Minecraft