Police work with schools to ease holiday ASB concerns in Horncastle

Horncastle Police have been working with local schools in recent weeks in a campaign to ease concerns about anti-social behaviour (ASB) during the summer holidays.

Traditionally, a combination of the six week holidays - and good weather - can lead to an increase in ASB.

However, town based PCSO Nigel Wass said officers were doing everything they can to preserve what he described as one of the ‘lowest rates of ASB in the county.’

Speaking at this month’s town council meeting, PCSO Wass said: “We believe in being proactive than than reactive.

“We have been into local schools as part of a youth engagement programme to prevent crime and ASB.

“We want to make sure everyone gets on during the holidays.

“A lot of work goes into this and, as in other years, we have had a very positive response.

“We have and will continue to work very hard to ensure the Horncastle area retains one of the lowest rates of ASB in the county.”