Candidates are named for local elections in Sleaford area

Local elections are taking place in Lincolnshire on May 6 for a number of roles and the nominated candidates have now been identified and listed locally.

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Elections will take place for Lincolnshire County Councillors, the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire, a District Councillor in Bassingham and Brant Broughton and for a Sleaford Town Councillor in the town’s Quarrington Ward.

There will also be an election for five seats on Pointon and Sempringham Parish Council.

There is still time to register to vote, up to 11.59pm on April 19; to request a postal vote, up to 5pm on April 20; or request a proxy vote, up to 5pm on April 27.

Candidate nominations have now closed, with the following people confirmed as standing in the respective election in the Sleaford and district area:

Lincolnshire County Council

Bassingham & Welbourn Division

o Eckert, Russell – The Conservative Party Candidate

o Overton, Marianne Jane – Lincolnshire Independents

o Townsend, Vonnie – Labour Party

Folkingham Rural Division

o Hansen, The Chocolate Man - Independent

o Hill, Martin John - The Conservative Party Candidate

o Richardson, Paul Jeffery - Labour and Co-operative Party

Grantham North Division

o Hasnip, Wayne Andrew - Labour Party

o Simmons, Ian Paul - Green Party

o Wootten, Ray - The Conservative Party Candidate

Heckington Division

o Key, Andrew Michael - The Conservative Party Candidate

o Peacock, Jennifer Helen – Labour Party

Hough Division

o Blackwell, Andrew - Labour Party

o Maughan, Alexander Paul - The Conservative Party Candidate

o Wood, Paul - Independent

Metheringham Rural Division

o Bissitt, Calvin – Labour and Co-operative Party

o Byatt, Nick - Lincolnshire Independents

o Kendrick, Rob - The Conservative Party Candidate

Potterhanworth & Coleby Division

o Carrington, Ian David - The Conservative Party Candidate

o Chapman, Stephen John – Liberal Democrat

o Edwards-Shea, Linda – Labour Party

o Lundgren, Peter Charles – Lincolnshire Independents

Ruskington Division

o Lowndes, Linda Margaret – Labour Party

o Wright, Richard - The Conservative Party Candidate

Sleaford Division

o Allan, Mark Guy – The Conservative Party Candidate

o Edwards-Shea, Paul Andrew – Labour Party

o Greetham, Robert Charles – Independent

o Hislop, Susan Elizabeth – Liberal Democrat

o Hunt, Edwin – Independent

o Lorimer, Heather Katherine – Independent

o Oates, Robert Arthur – Lincolnshire Independents

Sleaford Rural Division

o Hagues, Andrew Gibson – The Conservative Party Candidate

o Mason, Steve – Independent

o Smith, Ian Beresford – Liberal Democrat

o Suiter, David – Lincolnshire Independents

o White, Keith Richard – Labour Party

North Kesteven District Council, Brant Broughton and Bassingham Ward

o Bauer, Penelope Jane – Lincolnshire Independents

o Eckert, Russell – The Conservative Party Candidate

o Wright, Tom – Labour Party

Sleaford Town Council, Quarrington Ward

o Fink, Robert Adam – Independent

o Gill, Shaun Michael – Labour Party

o Hislop, Susan Elizabeth – Liberal Democrat

o Mason, Steve – Independent

o Smith, Mark Antony – The Conservative Party Candidate

Pointon and Sempringahm Parish Council

Clarke, Rob

Driver, Lee

Freeman, Georgina Catharine

Green, Christine Joan

Keeley, Jayne

Scarfe, Austin

Taylor, Joyce

Turner, Murray Frank

Wesley, Dean Charles

The respective Statements of Persons Nominated can be found on the North Kesteven and South Kesteven district council websites.

Police & Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire nominations are processed by the City of Lincoln Council and will follow on later today (April 9) and be uploaded at