Candidates named for local elections in Rasen and Caistor area

Local elections are taking place across Lincolnshire on May 6 and the nominated candidates have now been listed.

Lincolnshire County Council
Lincolnshire County Council

Elections will take place for Lincolnshire County Councillors, the office of Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire and the district councillor vacancy for the Kelsey Wold Ward, left vacant following the death of long-serving councillor Lewis Strange.

There is still time to register to vote, up to 11.59pm on April 19; to request a postal vote, up to 5pm on April 20; or to request a proxy vote, up to 5pm on April 27.

Candidate nominations have now closed, with the following people confirmed as standing in the Rasen and Caistor areas in the County Council elections:

Market Rasen Wolds Division

• Bunney, Stephen - Liberal Democrats

• Coulson, Tracey Jane - The Conservative Party Candidate

• Saywell, Colin - Labour Party

North Wolds Division

• Green, Brian - Labour Party

• Reece, Louise Amanda - Liberal Democrats

• Smith, Tom - The Conservative Party Candidate

Welton Rural Division

• Bond, David Patrick - Labour Party

• Rawlins, Sue - The Conservative Party Candidate

• Rodgers, Diana Meriel - Independent

• Taylor, Neil - Liberal Democrats

Bardney and Cherry Willingham Division

• Darcel, Chris - Lincolnshire Independents

Fleetwood, Ian Gordon - The Conservative Party Candidate

Jackson, Ben - Reform UK

Jennings, Sheila Frances - Labour Party

West Lindsey District Council

Kelsey Wold Ward

• Morris, Peter David - The Conservative Party Candidate

• Reece, Louise Amanda - Liberal Democrats

• Saywell, Colin - Labour Party

There is also a parish council election at Normanby by Spital.

The Police & Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire nominations will be announced later today (April 9).