Closing date approaching for district council by elections

Nominations are open now for anyone wishing to stand as a candidate in North Kesteven District Council by-elections in the Metheringham and Sleaford Castle wards.

Local by-elections will soon be taking place.

Nominations close at 4pm on October 15 and if there are more candidates than there are seats available (two in Metheringham and one in Sleaford), by-elections will be head on November 11 between 7am and 10pm.

These vacancies arose after the resignation of three district councillors. Councillors Nick Byatt and Laura Pearson stood down from the two seats covering Metheringham Ward and Councillor Cara Sandy stood down from the Sleaford Castle Ward.

These elections would be combined with a by-election for a vacancy in the Castle Ward of Sleaford Town Council and a by-election for three vacancies on Nocton Parish Council, if these are contested.

Nomination papers can now be submitted on working days only until 4pm Friday October 15 at the district council offices in Sleaford, and an appointments system is in place.

Legally, certain forms must be hand-delivered either by the candidate or their election agent, or someone they trust.

Alternatively, contact the Electoral Services Team via [email protected] or call 01529 308352.

Anyone needing to register for the election – especially those who have moved into the areas involved since the May elections, or who has since turned 18 or was not registered to vote – should do so by midnight on Tuesday October 26.

Applications for postal voting must be received by 5pm on Wednesday October 27.

Applications for proxy voting must be received by 5pm on Wednesday November 3.

Cancellations or amendments to existing proxy or postal votes (for example to change the address voting papers are sent to) must also be received by 5pm on Wednesday October 27.

Further information can be found on the Electoral Commission’s website in the section for Voters at

The council is doing everything it can to make voting at a polling station as safe as possible, putting in place requirements similar to those you experience when you go shopping, such as welcoming the wearing of face coverings, providing hand sanitiser and safe distancing. You are encouraged to go alone and to take your own pen or pencil to the polling station for extra Covid-safe certainty. Voters should anticipate the need to queue as these measures may slow the process.