A153 remains closed at Anwick due to damage in combine harvester fire

A busy road in the Sleaford area remains closed after a severe fire that destroyed a combine harvester on Wednesday evening.

The A153 was blocked between North Kyme and Anwick after the blaze which was reported just before 6pm on Wednesday.

In a Tweet on the county council’s Twitter feed, officials say the A153 is still closed at Anwick and showed pictured of the damage done to the road saying: “This is why - extensive damage to the carriageway. Please avoid the area. We’re working hard to open the road as soon as we can.”

Lincolnshire Police say the road is likely to stay closed until at least this afternoon, (Friday).

Yesterday we posted a video by Phil Dolan of P. Dolan Builders of the dramatic scenes as the combine harvester blazed away.

Three fire crews from Sleaford, Billinghay and Metheringham were needed to put the flames out using two hose reels, a main jet and firefighting foam, while wearing breathing apparatus.

The blaze wrecked the machine and 40sqm of the road, according to Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Videos and photos were taken by Geoff bates of Anwick and Mr Dolan who were among the waiting traffic at the time and explosions can be heard from overheating tyres.

The fire damaged section of road on the A153 near Anwick. EMN-200522-122703001
An image of the blazing combine harvester which blocked traffoc on the A153 between North Kyme and Anwick on Wednesday evening. Photo: Geoff Bates EMN-200521-105245001
A close up of the damage done by the heat of the burning combine harvester. EMN-200522-122713001