Approaching polling day for town and district by-elections

By elections take place on Thursday, November 11 for voters in part of Sleaford, Metheringham, Dunston, Blankney and Nocton.

Local by-elections will soon be taking place.

These by-elections are to choose two district councillors for the Metheringham Ward, one district councillor for the Sleaford Castle Ward and a Sleaford Town Councillor for the Sleaford Castle Ward.

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm for eligible electors.

Voters are encouraged to wear face coverings in the polling station, bring their own pen or pencil, use hand sanitiser provided, observe a safe distancing and show consideration for everyone in the polling station.

Voters are also encouraged to go alone and to anticipate queues.

Candidates standing for the Metheringham Ward seats are: Amelia Bailey (Lincs Ind), Diana Catton (Lib Dem), Paul Edwards-Shea (Lab), Dave Parry (Con), Fran Pembery (Con), Calvin Rodgerson (Lab), Mark Williams (Lincs Ind).

Candidates for the seat for Sleaford Castle Ward on NKDC are: Linda Edwards-Shea (Lab), Ken Fernandes (Ind), Susan Hislop (Lib Dem), Steve Mason (Ind), Malcolm Offer (Con).

Candidates for the single seat representing Sleaford Castle Ward on Sleaford Town Council are: Susan Hislop (Lib Dem), Steve Mason (Ind), Malcolm Offer (Con), Eileen Randall (Lab).

Results will be counted and announced immediately after polls close.