Census is ‘more important than ever before’ in 2021

Residents of Boston will all be receiving a letter as preparations for the huge national operation that is Census 2021 gather pace.

People will soon be taking part in the 2021 Census

Boston Borough Council is working closely with the Office for National Statistics, which runs the census, to ensure it is successfully implemented locally.

It takes place on March 21, and is intended to ensure that central government and local organisations has the clearest picture possible of the population of the country.

“The census not only provides an up to date picture of Boston in 2021, it is also the evidence for planning for the next ten years.” said Andy Howlett, ONS Census Engagement Manager for the Boston area.

“The figures produced by the census are the basis for providing everything from health services to education, planning to transport. An accurate census will ensure Boston gets a fair share for the next decade.

“Given the current situation with the pandemic, the census information produced from the questionnaire this year is more important than ever to make sure that the appropriate health and education services are provided where the need is.”

The joint chief executive of Boston Borough Council and East Lindsey District Council, Robert Barlow,said: “Understanding who lives in an area is really important to providing the right support to people.

“Every person counts and I want to make sure everyone in Boston borough completes their census forms when the time comes so that charities, organisations and councils working in Boston can support their communities, whether that’s from securing funding to allocating budgets wisely.

“Everyone benefits from the census. It informs decisions nationally and locally.”

Every Lincolnshire household will receive a letter from the census in the first two weeks of March which includes a unique 16 figure code.

You can use this code to log on to census.gov.uk and complete the census online or order a hard copy of the questionnaire.

Some households in some parts of Lincolnshire, where broadband is inconsistent or weak, will automatically receive a paper questionnaire.

Mr Howlett said: “We understands that not everyone has the equipment or a connection to complete the census online.

“We have set up a range of support to help people complete the census with confidence. There will be Covid-secure Census Support Centres in Lincoln, Louth, Boston, and Gedney Hill where trained staff will help you.

“Your census letter will include a free phone number to call where staff will help you through the process.”

For support contact Andy and the Lincolnshire Census team on 07452938641 or email [email protected] More information is available at census.gov.uk

How will the 2021 census be different due to the pandemic

The Census Director of Operations, Pete Benton, said: “In light of the pandemic, we need this up-to-date information to help shape vital services for the years to come more urgently than ever before and we are making sure everyone can be safely counted in line with all government guidance.

“We have made it simple, straightforward and safe to take part.

“Census field officers will only follow up with households after Census Day on March 21 if householders have not yet completed their questionnaire. They will never enter a household, they will always be socially distanced, be equipped with PPE and work in line with all government guidance.

“For those on furlough, we have updated guidance on how to answer questions on work. All students need to be included in the census, and they should complete it for their usual term-time address”