Councillors discuss town’s pigeon problem

Town councillors are set to discuss a solution to the town’s issues with pigeons and their droppings.

At Horncastle Town Council’s full council meeting, councillors discussed finding a solution to the town’s problem with pigeons roosting and defecating on the pavements.

Councillors were undecided whether or not to continue cleaning up the pigeon poo by hiring a street cleaner,or to get rid of the pigeons in the town once and for all with preventative measures on buildings.

The idea of hiring a street cleaner was mooted, and councillor Dominic Hinkins said: “This would be a major finance for the town council, but we want to be able to look people in the eye to say this is what their taxes are going towards.”

But Coun Brian Burbage said: “We’re running before we can walk.

“We know how to get rid of it but we want to stop it from happening.

“Business owners need to look after their properties and we need to put preventative measures in such as pigeon spikes.”

It was also suggested that as many of the buildings in the town centre are rented from landlords, it would be a good idea to engage with local land owners about protecting their buildings from pigeons.

Coun Matt Wilkinson added: “I don’t agree we need to spend £15,000 for a hawk. “We need to engage with land owners to get preventative measures installed on the buildings. This is an issue that’s a problem in most rural towns.”

It was decided that an agenda item would be added to December 14’s meeting when the plans have been through the estates and personnel and finance committees.