District council offers advice and reminders to North Kesteven households on recycling and waste advice over Easter break

Householders in North Kesteven are being reminded to be prepared for the Easter break with changes to the days they put out their bins for disposal of waste and recycling.

According to North Kesteven District Council, there will be one change to bin collection dates over the Easter period affecting Easter Monday only (April 18), with the collection of black general waste bins for this day brought forward to Saturday April 16.

Those with bin collections due on Good Friday (April 15) will have their purple and purple-lidded bins collected on this day as normal, says the authority. As always, residents are asked to present their bins by 7.30am on the morning of collection.

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Calendars detailing collection dates across the year for all your household bins can be found at n-kesteven.gov.uk/findmybinday to save and keep. You can also find your next bin day anytime using the checker on the webpage.

Calendars will not be posted out to all households, as happened last year to support the district-wide separate paper and card collections introduced.

Some items available at Easter-time need a few eggs-tra steps to ensure the right things go in the right bins. Here are the top five tips to remember:

Easter egg packaging:

The cardboard outer package must go in purple or purple-lidded bins only, unless it is foiled or glittery or it is dirty in which case it must go in the black bin only to be made into electricity.

Only Easter Monday will affect bin collection days in North Kesteven this year.

The inner insert, if cardboard, can go in the purple or purple-lidded bin. If it is a plastic inner this should go in the green-lidded bin only. If the inner insert is brown or black plastic though this cannot be recycled, and must go in the black bin to be made into electricity locally at North Hykeham.

Easter egg foil:

The council says it loves to collect clean foil in green-lidded bins as it is great for recycling. Pop it clean and dry into this bin. If it is dirty, please pop it instead into the black bin to be made into electricity.

Chocolate bar/sweet wrappers:

These are soft, scrunch-able plastics and unfortunately cannot be recycled from kerbside bins at home. They can instead often to go soft plastic collection points in local shops along with plastic carrier bags, food wrappers and so on – check details online or check signage instore to see the full list of what can be accepted at each. If that is not possible, put them only in the black bin where they will be made into electricity.


Plastic Easter decorations unfortunately cannot go in your recycling bin at home. Can you save them for any decorations for crafts next year? Or perhaps donate them to a worthy cause if in good condition? If they are unusable or broken, put them in the black bin to be made into electricity provided they have no electronics or batteries in.

If plain paper or cardboard – such as bunting with any string removed and which is not foiled, shiny or glittery – this can go into the purple or purple-lidded bin.

Toys and gifts:

The same goes for any unwanted plastic toys which are hard plastics. These can be either re-gifted or donated if in good working order, or taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre. Do not put anything containing electronics or batteries in any of your household bins, including the black bin.

Books cannot go in either of your recycling bins at home. If unwanted, reuse, donate, re-gift or take them to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre where they can go to donation points if in good condition. If not in good condition, they need to go in general waste only.


These can go in purple or purple-lidded bins, provided they are not foiled, shiny or glittery and any non-paper embellishments/decorations are removed. If foiled/glittery/shiny, they must go in the black bin only where they’ll be remade into electricity.

If you are ever unsure on what can go in the green-lidded or purple/purple-lidded bin, there is a range of information at www.n-kesteven.gov.uk/recyclingThe council’s Right Thing Right Bin leaflet is also available via this page, which is a handy quick-fire guide, and an A-Z of recycling on various items.

North Kesteven District Council also operates a garden waste collection scheme for hassle-free gardening. This is currently open for subscriptions at a cost of £40 for the year’s collections of a brown garden waste bin, with £8 for a year’s collections of each additional garden waste bin should you require more than one, and an additional £35 for the purchase of a brown garden waste bin if you are a new customer. Renew or sign up at n-kesteven.gov.uk/gardenwasteInformation on waste and recycling is also regularly shared on the council’s channels @northkestevendc and you can get it straight into your inbox via the Council’s e-newsletters. Sign up at n-kesteven.gov.uk/stayconnected