Giving children in care in Louth and Lincoln a place to call home

​Two new homes, including one here in Louth, will improve the lives of young people in care by keeping them close to their local community and support networks.
The opening of Robin House. Photo:  Thomas Gregory RoeThe opening of Robin House. Photo:  Thomas Gregory Roe
The opening of Robin House. Photo: Thomas Gregory Roe

Lincolnshire County Council has invested £1.5million in the creation of Riverhead House in Louth, as well as Robin House in Lincoln, and said that these homes will provide young people with a homely environment in which they can be supported and thrive.

Each home can provide accommodation for up to four young people, as well as lounge areas, bathrooms, dining rooms, and outdoor areas along with bedrooms and office space for the on-site staff.

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Created with match-funding from the Department for Education, Riverhead House is a brand-new building constructed by by Lindum Group Ltd.

Ron Adamson, Lindum Group Construction Manager, said: “We are thrilled to be able to supply the county council with two brilliant facilities that will help to protect and support some of the most vulnerable children in our county.

“We have been able to deliver a high-quality living accommodation at Riverhead House, using the latest technologies to make the home as carbon efficient as possible, whilst also providing a high spec, modern living space for the children.”

Coun Mrs Patricia Bradwell OBE, LCC’s executive member for children’s services, said: “Over the last few years, we’ve seen a rising number of young people needing care, so it’s important we have enough accommodation here in Lincolnshire for those who need it.

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“The new homes will provide high-quality facilities for children in care and will mean that fewer children will need to be placed in homes outside the county. That will ensure these young people remain close to their local community and existing support networks, leading to better outcomes.”