Golf club plans to convert old equipment store to become outdoor cafe for players

A golf club has submitted plans to convert an old storage building into an outdoor cafe kiosk as an extension to its clubhouse facility during coronavirus restrictions.

Blankney Golf Club. EMN-210413-175841001

With restrictions limiting food and drink establishments to outdoor seating only until May 17, Blankney Golf Club has put forward the scheme for a small, stone, disused store.

It would provide an expansion of the clubhouse facilities that will serve hot and cold drinks and snacks, while a temporary timber shed, with drop-down front hatches would be sited beside it to be used as a temporary cafe until construction is completed.

The application adds that the outdoor seating capability of the existing clubhouse is minimal and the increased space close to the entrance of the golf course will help encourage members to use socially distanced outdoor facilities, rather than the indoor clubhouse.

Agent representing the golf club and Blankney Estates, Joel Hannington, explains in the application: “Currently the building is in a state of disrepair and has not been used in years. It was previously used as storage for small gardening equipment that were used to maintain the grounds. The building is on the site of the golf course entrance and so has people walk through it to get to the adjacent course.”

He says: “It is intended that the proposals will make use of outdoor seating areas and revitalise an area that is currently unused by members. Whilst construction work is ongoing it is also intended for a temporary timber shed to be used as a cafe to encourage people to stay outside where there is natural social distancing and serve members during lockdown restrictions when the clubhouse is closed in the short term.

“The provision of both the temporary and permanent cafe will enable the club to continue to serve club members during Covid-19 restrictions and also repurpose a stone building that is falling into disrepair.”

The temporary shed would mean that the golf club can utilise the facility relatively soon, in time for some of the lifting of lockdown restrictions to outdoor socialising.

Once the permanent development is finished, the temporary shed would be removed from site.

If approved by North Kesteven District Council planners, the timber windows and doors of the store would be replaced to match the existing as closely as possible. One door would be widened and a window enlarged to form the serving hatch and the building would be re-roofed.

The site is located south of the golf club car park off the main access road. The main wall to the rear of the site marks the entrance and start of the golf course. It is currently used as an outdoor seating area before golfers make their way to the first tee.

Blankney parish council is in support of the plans and North Kesteven’s conservation officer recommends a condition requiring the removal of the temporary shed to prevent it becoming an “unsuitable permanent feature”.