It’s time to start separating your recycling for new purple lid bins

The coming week’s waste collections in North Kesteven mark the start of a new approach to recycling which seeks to get the best out of everyone’s recycling efforts.

Bin crews will add advisory tags to wheelie bins containing the wrong recyclable waste. EMN-210913-164247001

The council is calling on all residents to follow their ‘Right Thing, Right Bin’ message.

With all homes in the district now having received their new purple-lidded bins, the authority says it is time to start separating clean and dry paper and card into your new bins ready for their first collection in the week starting 27 September.

Paper and card that has been shredded or become dirty and greasy, such as pizza boxes or takeaway food containers, should go into the black bin as they cannot be recycled. This waste goes to the Energy from Waste plant at North Hykeham where it is turned into clean electricity and fed back to the grid.

The green-lidded bins – collected this week – should only contain the remaining recyclable items such as plastic tubs and bottles, glass, tins and cans.

Residents will be supported through the changeover with helpful tags being attached to bins highlighting the need to put the ‘Right Thing’ in the ‘Right Bin’. As the crews collect your bins, they will be taking a look to check that the right recycling is in the right bin and adding a tag where needed.

NKDC leader, Coun Richard Wright explained: “We appreciate it’s a big change to the system we’ve all got used to over the years, so these tags are designed to help people identify what needs to go in which bin going forward. The simplemessage is that paper and card now goes in your new purple-lidded bin.

“The new bins are going to help Lincolnshire become even greener. By all doing our bit to put the Right Thing in the Right Bin, we can improve the quality of paper and card recycling, and increase how many times it can be recycled.

“We know many share our ambition to tackle climate change. This new approach to recycling is a positive step towards reducing the demand on natural resources.”

Every household has been sent a guidance leaflet. For example, soft plastics (like carrier bags and food wrap) cannot be recycled via the council but can be taken to supermarket collection points. Check what can and cannot be recycled at