Lincolnshire parents being asked to consider not sending their child to school by bus for new term

In light of challenges currently faced by transport providers in retaining and recruiting drivers, Lincolnshire parents are being asked to consider alternative ways of getting their child to school than buses.

Lincolnshire County Council.

Despite the additional pressures arising from the pandemic, Lincolnshire County Council says school transport will run as normal from the start of the new autumn term in September, but they are suggesting parents think of alternatives before applying for their children to use school transport.

This is despite several councils in the county declaring ‘climate emergencies’ amid the continued push to reduce congestion and pollution on the roads.

Martin Smith, assistant director for education, said: “The pandemic continues to have a significant impact on the transport sector, which is making it more difficult to arrange school transport.

“However, we’re working closely with providers to ensure that eligible pupils that do need transport can still get to school or college.

“Transport details, and a bus pass where appropriate, will be sent to you once the necessary arrangements are in place. If you’re unable to get your child to school by alternative means and want to check the status of your application, email: [email protected] .”

Parents looking to purchase a paid-for concessionary seat on a school service should note that these applications are not processed until all entitled children have been granted transport. It is therefore likely to be some weeks into the new term before places are confirmed, and you should make other arrangements for the interim period.

Despite the relaxation of covid measures, it is strongly recommended that pupils continue to wear a face covering on transport wherever possible, to reduce the risk of infection. Some transport providers may also make face coverings a requirement.