​​Name campaign for West Lundsey's bin lorries

​You will soon be able to refer to your local bin lorry by name thanks to a new competition launched by West Lindsey District Council!
​​Name campaign for bin lorries. Image: WLDC​​Name campaign for bin lorries. Image: WLDC
​​Name campaign for bin lorries. Image: WLDC

Primary school children across the district are being invited to put forward names for a number of the council’s waste collection lorries used daily to collect waste and recycling from homes and businesses in West Lindsey.

A team of judges from West Lindsey Council will choose the winning entries, after which 10 of the lorries will be emblazoned with their new name tags.

Schools with the winning entries will also receive a £20 book token.

The competition is being held to coincide with National Recycling Week (October 16-22), which this year marks its 20th anniversary.

Coun Stephen Bunney, chair of the council’s, Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change working group, said: “Giving school children the chance to name our fleet of waste collection vehicles is a fun way of engaging with the younger members of our community and kick-starting a discussion around climate and the environment.

“The campaign also gives everyone the opportunity to focus on the key recycling messages and get involved; but it’s important we all continue to do our bit well beyond the campaign, to ensure we go on protecting the environment and planet for future generations.”

As well as the bin lorry naming competition, children, families, and whole communities, are being encouraged to get involved during the week-long, national recycling campaign and beyond.

Children can take part in a host of fun activities, while local companies and organisations can do their bit by promoting the recycling messages through their day-to-day activities.

Lincolnshire County Council will be organising recycling activities for pupils and arranging talks on the subject in schools too.

All primary schools across West Lindsey will receive letters with full details of Recycling Week, along with information on the bin lorry naming competition.

Elaine Bilton, the council’s Waste Policy and Commercial Waste Officer, said: “We see this as a fun way to engage with school children, while promoting the recycling message across the local community as a whole.

“We would encourage all schools to take part in National Recycling Week, and to take advantage of the free classroom resources available when schools sign up.”

Waste minimisation and recycling remains among the top priorities at West Lindsey District Council. During the summer, the authority launched its ‘Small Steps, Big Impact’ campaign, which aims to encourage and support local people to take some simple, easy steps to improve the environment. This could be anything from leaving the car at home in favour of using public transport more, cycling or walking more, or doing what you can to recycle more and waste less.

West Lindsey District Council is also carrying out a gradual upgrade of its vehicles, which will see older, end of life vehicles, replaced with more efficient, cleaner equivalents.

You can find details of the school’s waste vehicle naming competition here Schools Competition .

Visit the National Recycling Campaign website here Recycling Week Campaign