New trail booklet on cemetery produced

A new trail booklet dedicated to Sleaford Cemetery has been produced.

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The map and history guide has been created as part of Coun Anthony Brand’s term as mayor of Sleaford.

Coun Brand said his aim for his year in office – which began in May – was to ‘leave behind projects of benefit to the town’.

The booklet is one example of that spirit in action.

Coun Brand said: “When I was elected to the town council in 2015 I became aware of one of our major assets, our cemetery – a place of significant importance in regard to the town and also populated with a wonderful range of graves each with their own histories; add to this, the specimen trees and a place to relax and meditate. So, during my year as mayor, with normal civic events not possible, I have turned my energies towards the cemetery and creating greater awareness locally and more widely for visitors to the town.”

The document has been produced in conjunction with local historian Simon Pawley and funded by Sleaford Town Council through the civic fund.

It includes an outline of the cemetery’s past, going back to the mid-19th century, and an illustrated trail with details about a host of significant graves.

People will be able to pick up a copy at a number of locations in the town, including the post office.

Schools in the area have also been offered copies.

One school to take up that offer is William Alvey CofE School, in Sleaford, a neighbour of the cemetery, which has placed several of the booklets in a waterproof container hanging from its front railings.

Headteacher Stephen Tapley said: “I think the cemetery is a sort of undiscovered gem. It’s in a beautiful setting and there are so many stories, facts and memories related to the Alvey and Sleaford. The town council map and information provided by Simon Pawley is a super way to find out more about Sleaford’s vibrant and colourful past.”

A parallel endeavour also being funded by the council is establishing a cemetery woodland which in April will see the planting of several thousand saplings in part to support the environment.