New vision for development of Sleaford is taking shape

A new vision for how Sleaford should develop up to 2040 has been published by a working group on behalf of the town council.
The vision and objectives 'green wheel'.The vision and objectives 'green wheel'.
The vision and objectives 'green wheel'.

It is presented in the form of a ‘Green wheel,’ with the vision in the centre and supporting objectives radiating outwards. The vision was produced by the working group steering the production of the first ever ‘Neighbourhood Development Plan’ for the town. The vision and objectives are the result of more than two years of consulting residents, businesses, visitors and local organisations about what kind of town they want Sleaford to be by 2040.

Town and district councillor Robert Oates, chairman of the working group, said: “This vision and objectives will help us shape the first ever Neighbourhood Plan for Sleaford. The community has told us that they would like to see the town develop further as a thriving centre of business, entertainment, shopping and recreation, with better transport systems, sustainable housing and all essential services. The Neighbourhood Plan will include proposals in all of those areas and more.

“Having a Neighbourhood Plan will also bring the town more funds from developers, to provide more public facilities.”

The working group aim to produce the Neighbourhood Plan by the autumn for public consultation. All residents, business, visitors, local organisations and others will be invited to comment on the draft plan, so that it can be further improved.

The message from the Working Group is “do not let others decide for you.” The group emphasise that without a Neighbourhood Plan the future of Sleaford will be steered by developers according to their needs not yours. By contributing to the Neighbourhood Plan, the community can influence development decisions to be the best for them.

The plan must legally be considered whenever an application is made for planning permission for new buildings or other developments in the town.

After the previous restrictions of the pandemic, the group is determined to engage face to face whenever possible.

Group member, Keith Maltby, said: “As well as having community representatives on the Working Group of the Neighbourhood Plan project, there is also a ‘People’s Panel’ of residents and business owners to advise us on developing

the best possible plan.”

Anyone who would like to join the People’s Panel is invited to email Nicola Marshall, deputy town clerk at – [email protected].

More information can be found at

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