Newly elected Mayor 'so happy' to be elected in Jubilee year

Louth’s newly elected Mayor has spoken of his pride and happiness at being voted in such an important year.

Louth Mayor and Mayoress for 2022-23, Coun Jeremy & Mrs Bridget Baskett.
Louth Mayor and Mayoress for 2022-23, Coun Jeremy & Mrs Bridget Baskett.
Louth Mayor and Mayoress for 2022-23, Coun Jeremy & Mrs Bridget Baskett.

Mayor Jeremy Baskett was elected as Mayor for the 2022-23 term, and has spoken of his pride at being Louth’s representative in Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year.

He said: “I’m so chuffed, to be elected in this landmark year is amazing and I’m so proud.”

Mr Baskett was a senior clinician podiatrist in his 37-year-long career in the NHS until he retired in 2016, and now enjoys walking, cycling, spending time with his family and is a member of the Louth U3A.He said that his priorities for the coming year as Mayor will be to help local businesses and promote Louth as a growing town full of promising, independent businesses:

"Obviously this Jubilee year is an important one and the town will be getting fully involved,” he said, "At the front of my plans are to help our many independent businesses.

"I think this will be a difficult year, and the reason I became a councillor is because I have a passion for Louth, and what I love about Louth is it is unique.

"We moved here 23 years ago and what attracted us to the town is it is the capital of the Wolds and we have so many independent traders, and we’ve kept the town so special.

"Thinking ahead to the next year, we need to think, how can we support our local traders? We don’t want to lose that element of our town, it’s a special thing we’ve got here and we need to keep and cherish Louth’s uniqueness.

"I’ll be meeting with local traders to find out how we can help to keep footfall up in the town in whatever this new normal of ours is.

"We want to try and keep people coming into our local shops instead of doing all their shopping online.”

Mr Baskett said he had several meetings and events coming up over the next few weeks with community groups in the town to get to know them and to find out how they can help and work together.

“I’d like to raise more awareness and support of our town’s groups as they offer our community so much.”

Mr Baskett said that his wife, Bridget, was also delighted to be Mayoress and the couple were looking forward to meeting the town’s people at their various events over the next year.