No jackpot win in the first NK Lottery draw

There was no £25,000 jackpot winner in the first draw of the North Kesteven Community Lottery held on Saturday.

NKDC Leader Coun Richard Wright and representatives of some of the local good causes signed up to benefit from the new NK Community Lottery. EMN-210612-161947001
NKDC Leader Coun Richard Wright and representatives of some of the local good causes signed up to benefit from the new NK Community Lottery. EMN-210612-161947001

The milestone event for North Kesteven District Council in its bid to boost cash-strapped local good causes that may have suffered from lack of income and increased demand during the pandemic did see 17 small prize winners, with a cash prize for three of them from matching several numbers on their ticket.

The opportunity to buy a ticket for the debut draw ended on Friday with winning numbers based on Saturday’s Australian ‘Super 66’ lottery. There were 974 tickets sold, netting almost £600 for good causes across the district and the council has thanked everyone who for contributing.

It is a weekly draw with a chance to win a £25,000 jackpot. Just visit to play.

Ahead of the draw, Coun Richard Wright, leader of NKDC was pleased with the interest shown so far. There are 38 local causes already signed up to potentially benefit from ticket sales and nine more pending.

He said: “With substantial ticket sales it has caught the public’s excitement and attention of various good causes.

“With diminishing funds and grants available out there, I am not surprised we have people looking at ways to keep the money coming in and on the back of covid, organisations are shutting down or looking for funding.”

Organisations such as the New Life Community Larder, Sleaford Tennis Club, Rainbow Stars, Heckington Living Community Radio and Sleaford Playhouse are welcoming the extra income stream.

He said: “I want it to become substantial enough to make a difference to these organisations. It is never going to be as big as a national lottery but it has its place.”

Coun Wright said it was meant to boost and supplement what the council can still afford to give out in grants, which has diminished with reduced Government funding.

Anna Maltby, of the New Life Community Larder, said every pound helps to buy food for more people they support: “It is by the community, for the community, as we have seen a growth in demand.

“Since September we have got a lot busier,” Anna said. “Yesterday we had 11 families referred to us for support. We have a community table in the car park for people to access food too if they still feel an element of shame in asking for a food parcel.”

Jane Peck, co-founder of Rainbow Stars, a support hub for young people with special needs, said any funds will help massively to secure their future and do more.

“It has been a tough two years and this is great for lots of good causes.”

○ For just £1 a ticket you will be in with a chance of winning a £25,000 jackpot and you can even select the good cause to benefit from your ticket 

○ There are 38 so far to choose from and they stand to gain at least half of the money spent on ticket sales.

○ Another 10p will go to other local causes, 20p going to the prize fund and 20p covering costs.

○ As well as the top prize, NK Community Lottery players can win £2,000 for matching five out of six numbers, £250 for four numbers, £25 for three numbers and get three extra lottery tickets to matching just two numbers.