Rasen residents engage in town market place bid and a Greener lifestyle

“The securing of the Market Place is a historic act, but can only be legitimate if we have the backing of Market Rasen towns folk.”

Coun Neil Taylor spoke to people about the plan for the market place EMN-210507-133232001
Coun Neil Taylor spoke to people about the plan for the market place EMN-210507-133232001

That is the view of Market Rasen town councillor Neil Taylor, who led the way at Saturday’s Gardeners’ Market getting residents engaged with the survey on the future of the market place.

Coun Taylor said: “It is the heart of our community and we need ideas for its future use so we all contribute and value a momentous decision.”

As previously reported, the town’s council currently leases the market place.

Stephen Leary from West Lindsey helped people make their pledge on sustainable living EMN-210507-133243001

The lease runs out next year and the council would like to buy the market place and retain it for the town.

However, to do that, a loan of around £100,000 would be needed.

Town clerk, Lucy Waller, said: “The engagement session at the Saturday’s market proved popular.

“There was a significant response to the town council’s current survey regarding borrowing to purchase the marketplace using the paper surveys available and councillors were able to answer questions and provide additional information to residents.

“Councillors welcomed the opportunity to discuss various issues impacting Market Rasen and also received a lot of positive feedback and ideas regarding the use of the waste land near Tesco.”

The land on the corner of Chapel Street and Linwood Road is being leased to the town council on a peppercorn rent by Tesco and plans are to create a pocket park style area.

It is part of the council’s overall plan to make the town a Greener and more sustainable place to live, which is why Saturday’s market event also gave people the opportunity to pledge what they will do to help the environment.

Steve Leary from West Lindsey District Council was on hand to discuss issues such as recycling and food waste and encourage people to make their pledges, much to the delight of Market Rasen mayor Stephen Bunney.

Coun Bunney said: “It has been great to see so many people come along and engage with this process. If everybody makes a small change, that will make a huge difference.”

Residents who would like to find out more about the potential purchase of the market place and get a direct link to the survey can do so via the town council website https://market-rasen.parish.lincolnshire.gov.uk/news/article/3/purchase-of-the-marketplace 
Town clerk, Lucy Waller, said: “It is extremely important that when residents fill out the survey they include their full address so we can identify them as residents of the electoral parish of Market Rasen, as if we can’t identify this we are unable to count their response in our results. We also cannot on this occasion count any responses from non-residents.”
There will be another opportunity for residents complete paper versions of the survey at the next pop up market on July 24.