Residents vote in favour of neighbourhood plan for Leasingham

A referendum of residents in Leasingham and Roxholm has seen them vote largely in favour of a local plan to give guidance on development in the parish.

The referendum took place on Thursday (November 9) and the poll was passed by majority in support of the neighbourhood plan.

There were 211 votes in favour and 48 against.

The turnout was 19.3 per cent of an electorate of 1,340.

The neighbourhood plan sets out a local vision for the future and planning policies, and if adopted will be used to determine planning applications within the parish. It has been prepared by Leasingham and Roxholm Parish Council, along with the help of their local community.

The Leasingham and Roxholm Neighbourhood Plan was formally submitted to North Kesteven District Council and subject to a period of publicity in summer last year, where public comments were invited.

A North Kesteven District Council recommendation will now be made to council, potentially on December 14, that the Leasingham & Roxholm Neighbourhod Plan will be included within the suite of planning policy and guidance notes used to inform and assess planning applications for the area.