Review due for swimming pool at Rasen centre

West Lindsey District Council Leader Owen Bierley has confirmed a review of the provision of a swimming pool will go ahead.

Market Rasen Lesiure Centre
Market Rasen Lesiure Centre

The confirmation was received at the recent meeting of the council, where Coun Stephen Bunney who represents the Market Rasen ward, took the opportunity to question the leader and make sure the review was still on the ‘to do’ list for this coming year.

Coun Bunney also wanted a guarantee the review wouldn’t just be based on “short term economic grounds”, but “take in to account post austerity environment, social health and well-being co-benefits over the working life of a rural, community-based swimming pool.”

The £6.3million Market Rasen Leisure Centre opened last summer and many residents have expressed their disappointment at the lack of a swimming pool.

In reply to Coun Bunney’s question, Coun Bierley said: “The work plan for the 2021/2022 civic year does include a review of the business case for a swimming pool in Market Rasen.

“ Whilst the full scope of the review is yet to be determined, work has commenced and I can reassure residents that it will not purely be based on a financial assessment and will be developed in accordance with our five-case model, which ensures we take into account wider considerations.

“[This] business model looks at: the strategic case –assesses how the project will meet corporate priorities; financial case – how the project impacts on ongoing resources and availability of funding; commercial case – is there a market for the activity and will it generate income?; the legal case – do we have the legal power; the operational case – what is the business need?”