Simple step to receive government’s £150 council tax rebate quickly

Householders across South Kesteven are being urged by the local authority to switch their council tax payment to direct debt to enable them to receive the Government’s £150 energy rebate more quickly.

A Direct Debit will speed up getting your £150 Council tax rebate from the government.
A Direct Debit will speed up getting your £150 Council tax rebate from the government.

SKDC will be distributing the rate rebate which has been put in place to meet rising energy bills.

A self-service form is available online to complete at:

People who pay via direct debit will receive the one-off payment of £150 directly into their bank account which we expect to be by the end of April. Those who pay by other methods may have to wait longer.

Cabinet Member for Finance Coun Adam Stokes said: “We want to be ready and able to help households so would encourage residents not already paying via Direct Debit to sign up as soon as they can so that we have your details to enable the £150 to be paid promptly and swiftly.

“There is now an easy-to-use form online via the SKDC website for residents to complete and submit, which then automatically comes into the office for our staff to process.

“Please don’t worry if you cannot pay in this way - you won’t miss out on the payment, it will simply take a little longer to process.

“Those who choose to continue to pay council tax in another way will need to apply for the energy rebate payment. An application form will be made available on our website in the coming weeks and further details will be issued as the scheme is developed.”

To set up your council tax by direct debit visit the information page about the rebate where you will find more details and a link to the appropriate forms: