Tight finish to by-elections in North Kesteven

In a staggeringly close fought race, a by-election for one of two vacant seats on North Kesteven District Council has been decided by the drawing of lots.

A by-election in Sleaford Castle Ward saw Malcolm Offer gain the seat for the Conservatives on NKDC and Sleaford Town Council. EMN-211211-163921001
A by-election in Sleaford Castle Ward saw Malcolm Offer gain the seat for the Conservatives on NKDC and Sleaford Town Council. EMN-211211-163921001

The Metheringham by-election, held yesterday (Thursday) has been settled by the unusual, but necessary tactics after a dead heat for second place between two candidates.

At last night’s count, while Conservative candidate Fran Pembery had won outright with 424 votes, there was a tie of 404 votes each for the second available seat between Lincolnshire Independent Amelia Bailey and Conservative Dave Parry.

It was resolved - in accordance with electoral law - by the drawing of lots, which ended in Amelia Bailey’s favour.

As a consequence an additional vote was allotted to Amelia Bailey’s tally.

Coun Bailey said: “It was a nerve racking finale at 12.45am, but I was delighted to win the deciding vote in favour of Lincolnshire Independents. I am looking forward to supporting the ward and have some ideas already to develop the ward for the community.”

This means a gain of one seat for the Conservatives after Lincolnshire Independents Nick Byatt and Laura Pearson stepped down.

The full result is:

Lincolnshire Independent candidate Amelia Bailey took the second vacant seat on NKDC in Metheringham Ward after a tie led to the drawing of lots with Conservative candidate Dave Parry. Photo: NKDC EMN-211211-170245001

Amelia Bailey (Lincs Indpts) 405 elected;

Diana Catton (Lib Dem) 29;

Paul Edwards-Shea (Lab) 85;

Dave Parry (Con) 404;

Newly elected North Kesteven District Councillor for Metheringham Ward - Fran Pembery (Conservative). Photo: NKDC EMN-211211-170233001

Fran Pembery (Con) 424 elected;

Calvin Rodgerson (Lab) 69;

Mark Williams (Lincs Indpts) 369.

Turnout was 21.3 per cent.

Conservative candidate Malcolm Offer made a gain for his party in the Sleaford Castle Ward in by-elections for NKDC and Sleaford Town Council. Photo: NKDC EMN-211211-173033001

The Conservatives took another seat from the Lincolnshire Independents in the by-election for Sleaford Castle Ward on NKDC after Cara Sandy stepped down.

The result elected Conservative candidate Malcolm Offer as the new member for Sleaford Castle Ward. The full results are:

Linda Edwards-Shea (Labour) - 93;

Ken Fernandes (Independent) - 22;

Susan Hislop (Liberal Democrat) - 21;

Steve Mason (Independent) - 49;

Malcolm Offer (Conservative) - 135 elected.

The turnout was 14.65 per cent.

There was also a by-election for the vacancy in castle Ward left on Sleaford Town Council by Cara Sandy’s resignation and this was also won by Malcolm Offe as another gain for the Conservatives.

The results were:

Susan Hislop (Liberal Democrat) - 26;

Steve Mason (Independent) - 67;

Malcolm Offer (Conservative) - 144;

Eileen Randall (Labour) - 87.

The turnout was 14.78 per cent.

A further by-election for vacancies on Nocton Parish Council received no nominations of candidates, therefore a new election will be held within 35 days of Tuesday October 12.