Turnout for last night's EU elections was higher than local council elections in Lincolnshire

More Lincolnshire people on average turned out to vote in the EU Elections than the May 2 local elections from preliminary council figures
Turnout figures for EU electionsTurnout figures for EU elections
Turnout figures for EU elections


East Lindsey District Council has yet to give its turnout figures but the average of the other six councils comes out as a turnout of around 33.8% for yesterday’s poll. For May 2’s vote at local level the turnout was almost four per cent lower at 29.79%.

The highest turnout so far is in South Kesteven, where 36.6% of voters took part, while the lowest was South Holland District Council with 32.12%.

In comparison, East Lindsey District Council and North Kesteven District Council saw the highest turnouts in the local elections with around 31% each. However, South Holland was still the lowest turnout with 28.05% of the vote.

In Boston, the turnout was 32.7 compared to 27.34 for the local elections.

The new leader of West Lindsey District Council, which had a turnout of 34.5% praised a “collapse in spoilt ballot papers” in his area.

Though that figure has yet to be released with full counts taking place on Sunday, Councillor Giles McNeill said it would give the election a “narrative of legitimacy”.

In the City of Lincoln, the turnout for the EU Election was 32.37%, compared to a local vote of 29.29%

North and North East Lincolnshire Councils won’t be released until Sunday evening/Monday morning.

The figures in full are as follows:

BBC – EU: 32.7%, Local: 27.34%

SHDC – EU: 32.12%, Local: 28.05%

SKDC – EU: 36.6%, Local: 30.56%

NKDC – EU: 34,39%, Local: 31.28%

CoL – EU: 32.37%, Local: 29.29%

WLDC – EU: 34.5%, Local: 30.75%

ELDC – EU: not-yet-supplied, Local: 31.28%

TOTAL: EU: 33.79% (without ELDC), Local: 29.79%