Wider entrance will help reduce vehicle damage

A Market Rasen car park now has an easier access point which will hopefully cut down on scrapes and bumps.

Moving the bollards has created an easier entrance to the Mill Road car park
Moving the bollards has created an easier entrance to the Mill Road car park

The Mill Road car park has long served visitors to the doctors’ surgery and the town’s library.

However, the narrow entrance has always been a bone of contention, with many drivers damaging their cars – which could be seen by the damage on the posts at the entrance.

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After receiving a number of complaints about the car park entrance, West Lindsey Ward member for Market Rasen, Stephen Bunney, agreed to take up the cause to get the area widened.

He said: “For as long as I remember the posts at the entrances to The Mill Road Car Park have caused problems – with many car park users hitting them causing damage to their cars.

“The problem for car drivers was not helped by the fact people were parking on the road outside the surgery, which would narrow the angle required to enter and exit the car park. And also, perhaps, the afternoon sun when it is low in the sky during winter months.”

Coun Bunney believes the posts were originally put in place to stop people parking large commercial vehicles on the site, at the time when it was free to park in the West Lindsey District Council-owned car parks.

He added: “The posts were successful in achieving the original aim but did create a hazard for car drivers, especially as the size of vehicles has grown over the years.”

Coun Bunney continued: “A number of constituents complained to me about the situation.

"I approached West Lindsey District Council to see if they would remove the posts.

"They were not happy to do this, but did agree that the bollards should be repositioned to allow for larger cars and also to help with the angles.

"They also agreed to paint the posts to make them more visible – previously they were black and white and were not easily seen.

"Hopefully, this will make it easier for car drivers.”