Councillors agree to increase allowance paid to Mayor of Boston

Boston Council has agreed to increase the mayoral allowanceBoston Council has agreed to increase the mayoral allowance
Boston Council has agreed to increase the mayoral allowance
Councillors have agreed a £2,244 increase in the Mayor of Boston’s allowance.

An independent review suggested that those carrying out the historic role should have an increase from £3,366 to £5,610.

As part of a mission to slash £30,000 annually, the council replaced two jobs with one part-time role, cut the role of deputy mayor and took away the mayor’s official chauffeured car

At the time, the mayor’s allowance was also cut to £3,366.

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A review by an independent panel has now said there were concerns over the “appropriateness” of the allowance due to the “extra burden” on the mayor.

During a meeting of Full Council, Councillor Neil John Hastie said the rise was “inappropriate” in the face of the half-a-million pounds of savings the council had to make in the next year.

However, Councillor Paul Skinner, who’s wife Judith was Mayor last year, said the current figure was “unfair” equating it to less than minimum wage.

Councillor Anne Dorrian said she had been “shocked” to read the Mayor had been acting without a chauffeur, while Councillor Spencer, while acknowledging the savings, said he felt “no shame” in the increase.

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Following the meeting, Councillor Spencer said the review was held because when the savings were made “we didn’t know how it would affect the mayor’s ability to discharge their duty”.

He said around £27,000 was still due to be saved following the changes and that identifying those was a “good news story”.

Councillor Anton Dani, who currently sits in the role, is the 485th Mayor of Boston – a role which also includes the title of Admiral of the Wash.

Councillor Skinner said of the role: “That is a fantastic piece of history and a fantastic achievement.

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“He is the chairman of this council but there’s all the other duties and all the nice things you get to see, and there are lots of people in this town doing very, very positive things.

“That’s a way of this council recognising the hard work of the people of this town.”

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