ELDC is accused of Woodhall Spa '˜bias'

East Lindsey District Council has been accused of '˜smothering' Woodhall Spa with money - and giving Horncastle '¨nothing.
Woodhall Spa - claims it is smothered in ELDC money EMN-161114-152238001Woodhall Spa - claims it is smothered in ELDC money EMN-161114-152238001
Woodhall Spa - claims it is smothered in ELDC money EMN-161114-152238001

The allegation came from Horncastle town councillor and restaurant owner Phil Cantwell.

Coun Cantwell was speaking at a meeting of the town council last week and claimed Horncastle was treated as ‘second class’ by ELDC compared to Woodhall Spa.

However, his claim brought a swift response from ELDC leader Craig Leyland who is a ward councillor for Woodhall Spa. Coun Leyland, who was not at the town council meeting, told the News that it was ‘not’ the case ELDC favoured Woodhall Spa and said Coun Cantwell’s comments were ‘not helpful’.

Coun Cantwell, who lives near Woodhall Spa, told the meeting that while driving through Woodhall Spa, he saw four ELDC employees clearing leaves from a pavement.

He said the town council had repeatedly tried to get ELDC to clean Horncastle’s streets - without success.

Coun Cantwell said the four employees were blowing leaves off the footpath and onto the road.

He said: “This is at a time when we (town councillors) are getting verbal abuse from some of our own residents because they are blaming us for not doing anything to keep our streets clean.

“I can assure everyone we have tried.

“We have problems in Horncastle that we need to get addressed.

“My feeling is it is double standards.

“Compared to Woodhall Spa, we are treated as second class. I am sick to death of that fact.

“It (Woodhall Spa) is so pretty and so nice.

“It is appalling that we have to suffer as a town and Woodhall Spa is at the top of the list.

“It’s totally, totally unfair.

“Woodhall Spa is smothered with money and we get nothing.”

Coun Cantwell received support from other town councillors including Coun Maurice Lamb who said he had also seen ELDC cleaners working in Woodhall Spa but had ‘lost count of the number of times’ he tried to get the same authority to tidy areas of Horncastle.

Coun Cantwell then went on to tell the meeting he had contacted Coun Leyland by email about his concerns but had not received a reply.

However, Coun Cantwell contacted the News three days after the meeting to say Coun Leyland had replied and stressed he accepted the ELDC’s leader’s explanation.

Coun Leyland told the News he needed time to collate information before he could reply to Coun Cantwell’s email.

He said: “It is simply not true to suggest East Lindsey favours any town or parish over another .

“Coun Cantwell’s comments are particularly unhelpful at a time when we are trying to work with all town and parish councils for the benefit of the entire district.”