ELECTIONS: One week until Lincolnshire elections - do you have everything you need?

The countdown is on! There’s just seven days to go until the elections on Thursday, May 7 and residents are urged to check details of their Polling Station on their Polling Cards.

This year not only will there be National ‘General’ Elections where you will choose your MP, there will also be District Council elections and in some areas Town or Parish Council elections.

This means that when attending your Polling Station you will be given up to three ballot papers – one for each election. You must read them thoroughly to understand which election you are voting in.

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It is important that you check your Polling Card to know where to vote as there have been some changes to both Ward boundaries and Polling Stations so you may be voting at a different Polling Station than you have done previously. Polling Stations will be open 7am until 10pm on Election Day.