‘Fewer than 10%’ of parish council seats will be contested

All bar 10% of Lincolnshire’s parish and town council seats up for grabs in this week’s local election have already been decided, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.
Local electionsLocal elections
Local elections

Of 468 parish and town wards, 432 will see all their seats filled ‘uncontested’ – meaning either those signed up have no challengers, or the ward has seen no nominations for its election.

This means just 36 seats are up for grabs.

As reported previously, 19 of the 283 district seats across the area have been filled as they were uncontested.

Many of the parish candidates are listed without allegiances, therefore it is unclear if a particular party is likely to take gains.

Town and parish councils are usually the lowest tier of elected Government.

They often represent the local community to higher tier councils on subjects such as planning applications and highways matters.

The councils also take a portion of council tax precept, with the money going to a variety of local services including village halls, play areas, cemeteries and crematoriums, litter and maintenance of footpaths.

They can also, in some instances pay for discretionary services usually associated with the district or county councils – for instance, Lincolnshire County Council earlier this year offered parish councils, along with other community groups the chance to turn on their street lights.

Below are the figures for each council, split by district:

East Lindsey:

137 parish and town wards

124 uncontested, 13 contested,

Boston Borough:

18 parish and town wards

17 uncontested, 1 contested.

South Holland:

35 parish and town wards

34 uncontested, 1 contested

West Lindsey:

82 parish and town wards

77 uncontested, 5 contested

South Kesteven:

65 parish and town wards

57 uncontested, 8 contested parishes/parish wards

North Kesteven:

75 parish and town wards

69 uncontested, 6 contested

City Of Lincoln:

No parish and town wards

North Lincolnshire:

56 parish and town wards

41 uncontested, 15 contested

North East Lincolnshire:

14 parish and town wards

13 uncontested 1 contested


468 parish and town wards

432 uncontested

36 contested