General Election 2019 - Green Party candidate says minor parties have been squeezed by Boris and Corbyn

The Green Party candidate for Sleaford and North Hykeham says minor parties such as his has been squeezed out by the big two, leaving no room for environmental issues.

Green Party candidate, Simon Tooke.
Green Party candidate, Simon Tooke.

Although not expecting a win, Simon Tooke still remained hopeful for a decent amount of votes as affirmation for his cause.

He said: "Looking at results around the country, all the minor parties are getting squeezed, as people are seeing it as a two horse race and a lot of tactical voting is going on."

Mr Tooke reflected: "It has been fairly positive the doorsteps, but the common response has been people are undecided and leaving it to the last minute.

"To some extent my message was getting through and people were aware we have a climate emergency, but they think Brexit is more important. People are more aware of the environmental catastrophe but they feel Brexit is more of a important at the moment, which I find disappointing.

"I am proud at least of offering voters the chance to vote Green."

He felt his national party had been very supportive, as everyone has sung from the same sheet without the internal disputes that others have had.

Mr Tooke was defiant that his party will not go away and will continue with their message and think of other ways to get it across.

He had hoped for a hung parliament, saying: "I don't think Labour is strong enough and I'm appalled at the way the Labour party has been treated. The biggest casualty has been the truth, which makes me sad."

He said the environmental emergency was particularly relevant to Lincolnshire if sea levels rise.